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Strategic Automation: Rule Engine (BPM)

Sysman's Rule Engine (BPM) empowers your operations with strategic process automation, leveraging Business Process Management to enforce rules that govern data handling and operational workflows. This feature enables.

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Business automation

This involves automating business operations, where the rule engine executes predefined procedures without human intervention, streamlining tasks and reducing the likelihood of errors.


Data evaluation and

setting decisions

Here, the rule engine evaluates data against set rules to make decisions, automating actions like approvals, notifications, or escalations based on business logic and data analysis.

Minimize delays and

optimize resource

By automating workflows, the system ensures that tasks are carried out more efficiently, minimizing delays and optimizing resource use, which can adapt dynamically to changing conditions.

Processes consistent with standards

The rule engine helps maintain compliance with policies and regulations by automatically enforcing rules, ensuring that all processes are consistent with set standards and reducing compliance risks.

Rule Engine and solutions

Smart Building

Smart Building

Automate environmental control systems, using BPM to adjust settings based on occupancy and usage data, optimizing energy efficiency and comfort.

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Smart Office

Smart Office

Use BPM to streamline office operations, such as automating energy-saving protocols based on room occupancy or scheduling maintenance based on asset usage data.

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Energy Communities

Energy Communities

Implement BPM to manage energy distribution and consumption rules within the community, ensuring fair usage and optimizing community-wide energy savings.

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